If you are around Hope Community for any length of time, you are sure to hear us talk about the fact that God has designed, destined, and currently desires for each person to experience:

Intimacy with God,
Community with Other Believers,
& Redemptive Relationships within the World

This passion is founded on God’s revelation of Himself through the Word:

From the beginning of the Bible, in Genesis 1-2, we see God’s design for people through His personal interaction and plans for Adam and Eve.

In the end of the Bible, in Revelation 20-22, we see God’s destiny for people through His restoration of their relationship with Him and one another.

In the New Testament, especially in John 13-17, we see God’s desire for people now, showing that they are meant to live in these three relationships between the time when Jesus has died on the cross and when he returns to be crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords.