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This new year might be a good time to stop drinking only milk and move on to solid food.  If you have a newborn, then this is something to take in a literal sense.  But perhaps all of us ought to consider what our diet consists of…in a spiritual sense.  The Apostle Paul suggested that he was not able to dish out solid food because of the hearer’s worldliness (I gave you milk to drink, not solid food, since you were not yet ready for it.  In fact, you are still not ready, because you are still worldly.  1 Corinthians 3:2-3).  

While it is easy for worldliness to creep into life, it isn’t inevitable.  Because a new year also means a fresh start, I have considered that there are some things in my life that I need to perhaps alter so that I might have a ‘solid food’ diet in that greater spiritual sense.  Here is what it’s going to look like for me:

  1.  Limited servings of social media
I enjoy social media.  I can get lost in Instagram, I always seem to find something to think about on Twitter, and Pinterest is a go to when I am looking for a recipe.  But just like dessert is not necessarily nutritious and should not be the whole meal, so too should social media be enjoyed within limits.  Everybody will need to come up with their own limits, but as I have reflected, I have come to realize that some tighter limits are in order. 
   2. An extra helping of prayer

I have been training myself to pray more by scheduling it into my day.  I have found that doing so does lead to more spontaneous prayer. Talking with God throughout the day is the goal.
   3. Setting an extra place at the table
I need to invite more people in to dine with me.  I want others to eat ‘solid food’ too!  To do that, I want to reduce the hurry in my life so that I am able to spend time with others.  Rather than judging others, which is so easy to do, I can let God use the relationships I pursue with others bring about everlasting change in their life (and mine).  Ensuring that I have the space and margin to do so will at least make that kind of life change a possible outcome.
Undoubtedly your diet decisions differ from mine.  Is your diet one that consists of solid food?  Or in that spiritual sense, is it more of a liquid diet?  As you give it some consideration, perhaps it would be a good time to make some decisions that will affect your desired outcome.  
Once you make those ‘diet’ decisions, then it is time to make it known to those around you who will be able to hold you accountable and to check in on your progress.  
What changes will you make?  
What will your ‘diet’ look like?